1 2016 2019 Camaro LT4 Install Kit Only - No Supercharger

$ 3,450.00

This install kit is for customers that have acquired an LT4 Blower from a 2015-2018 C7 Z06.This is a brief list of parts required to do the job. No instructions 
ADM Pulley and Hub Assembly - 2.70"  (Optional 2.50" - Requires LT4 Fuel System) 
LT4/LT1 Adapter Spacers and bolts
LT4 Valley Cover
ADM Lt4 Valley Cover Extension
LT4 Pvc system -Oem 
LT4 Pcv Lines
2017 ZL1 Intercooler Pump  
2017 ZL1 Heat Exchanger 
2017 ZL1Cooler Lines - Oem      
ADM Harmonic Balancer for 2017 ZL1 
2017 Zl1 S/C Belt - OEM  
LT4 Idler,Tensioner,Brackets and bolts 
Wiring harness  and relays
ADM Intake tube
Bolt for balancer
ADM Blower mod for Hub and pulley assembly $150 additional plus shipping