$ 2,499.00

LT4 Supercharger kit is now available to order. Kits are boxed to order and  require 3-4 days to box and ship. Install kit includes all the necessary parts to install a 2015-2016 LT4 Supercharger onto and l83 or l86 engine. 2.5"- 3" Supercharger Pulleys  available (5-8 psi)  Hose, Clamps, Intake tube, Intercooler, Brackets, Belt, Proper Supercharger adapter ,wiring, intercoolerpump

LT4 Throttlebody is not required but recommended.2015-2016 LT4 Corvette Supercharger is required,2017-2019 will not fit due to intercoolers and lid design.

Proper diameter ADM LT4 Truck Supercharger pulley must be purchased and  installed for proper operation. This pulley and hub is not in the kit. We recommend 3" for stock 5.3 liter engines with stock fuel system, We recommend 2.70" for stock 6.2 liter engines with stock fuel system.