$ 7,995.00

Take your Cadillac V to the next level with ADM Performance Ported  TVS  2650  Supercharger Upgrade System! Built off of our premium ADM Performance Line, our  System will give your engine an incredible 

At ADM Performance we only use the highest quality components in our supercharger upgrades.  

  • Ported 2650 Supercharger System 
  • Eaton TVS Technology incorporates high helix, four-lobe rotors for maximum supercharger efficiency across the entire speed range.
  • Utilizes CNC inlet porting.
  • Bolt-on cartridge-style front drive allows for future belt line upgrades.
  • High flow dual charge air cooler set-up with upgraded ¾" water inlet and outlet ports reducing coolant restriction, allowing maximum flow with extremely high cooling efficiency.
  • Proven maintenance-free supercharger technology.
  • No added complexity of external supercharger oil coolers/heaters for extreme climates.
  • Custom calibration
  • This package is sold and installed exclusively at ADM Performance facility in Lewisville Tx